Why choose Forthought for your SEO needs?

With over 7 billion people on the planet and 20% of them online SEO creates roadmaps
all over the world of the internet leading people to your website.

When you need to go somewhere you use a GPS by plugging in the address.

The beauty of SEO is that someone doesn’t have to be actually looking for you to find you, they just have to be looking for something you do. They have a pain point, and you have the solution.

According to Google every second there are over 40,000 searches. That’s 3.5 billion searches a day.

What does that mean for you? Every day millions of people have a problem that YOU could solve, but unless you create the right road map using SEO for them to find you, they never will.

1,400,000,000 people on the planet are using the internet every single day, and right now most of them will never find you. We can change that.

Imagine having that kind of power to reach that many people ?

From 2005 to present day the average time someone spends online has tripled from 10 hours and 24 minutes a week to 27 hours and 36 minutes a week.

According to Google the average consumer spends 6 hours a day searching for information on something they are going to purchase.

Also according to Google 75% of people that are making a purchase decision, research that purchase online first.

So how do we do this?

Step 1: Research. We will study your business, study your target customers and even study your competition. We’ll discover what’s working and what isn’t and create a roadmap to optimize your business online to reach the maximum amount of people.

Step 2: Optimize your website using a range of 10 to 75 keywords. We will make sure that when someone is searching online for a specific word or string of words related to your business they can find you, fast.

Step 3: Blogging. Blogging is where we create quality content that is attached to your website that provides your target audience with valuable information that they will want to consume. The quality of the content will be so rich that even if they have no interest in using your services they will want this content. Ultimately this continues to drive them back to your business and eventually creates not only a customer but a raving fan.

Step 4: Link building. We will go out and scour the web and find high quality websites that are willing to allow us to link their content to your page. This significantly enhances your online presence and begins to increase the authority of your site so that more people will begin to find you online.

With over 25 years of experience no one is better than Forthought to increase your presence online. In fact we guarantee that within only 3 months the traffic going to your website will increase by at least 25%. Typical results are even above 50%.

May 29, 2017


Why choose Forthought for your SEO needs? With over 7 billion people on the planet and 20% of them online SEO creates roadmaps all over the […]
May 29, 2017


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