December 21, 2015
May 29, 2017



Facebook Marketing for Businesses and Facebook Ads
Is your business using Facebook as a tool to grow? If not you’re missing out on reaching more people than you can imagine. Facebook has literally become one of the largest “countries” in the world.

Why Facebook for Business?


There are 2 billion people using Facebook every single month. 2 billion.
In the United States there are over 100 million daily active Facebook users.

The average Facebook user spends about 1 hour a day on Facebook.

The average Facebook user has 200 friends. If you reach them, you also will reach their friends.
The growth of strategic Facebook advertising can be exponential.

The average Facebook user “likes” 4 new business pages a month. Without a Facebook page you are missing out on reaching hundreds of thousands, even millions of potential customers. But – it has to be done right. Just ask the millions of inactive Facebook page owners out there. Most people start a page but get discouraged because they aren’t having results simply because they don’t know what to do.

Using Forthought will help you to produce massive results.

Facebook can also drive traffic to your website, as well as helping to build a highly targeted email list for ongoing marketing capabilities.

Facebook also helps with SEO because Google ranks Facebook very high in their SEO rankings.

What do we do?

Step 1: Analyze your current Facebook page (if existing) and make sure it’s content is optimized for customer interaction. If you don’t have one we’ll create one for you.
Step 2: Create a marketing plan to drive people to your Facebook page. We will find a highly targeted audience that will want to see your content daily.
Step 3: Create valuable daily content that people on your page will interact with and keep them coming to your page. This typically involves about 3-7 posts a day.
Step 4: Create contests, giveaways, newsletters etc. to drive people to a landing page where they will provide their email address for continued marketing purposes.
Step 5: Create a highly targeted paid Facebook marketing campaign aimed at reaching your ideal customer.

If you really want to put your advertising on steroids than ask us about Facebook ads.

With Facebook ads we take a 4 step approach to ensure a highly successful campaign.

Step 1: Choose your objective. Our marketing team will work directly with you to determine what the most important outcome is for your ad. Whether it’s to add more fans to your page, increase online visibility of our company or sell a specific product we can create a campaign to reach a highly targeted audience that will produce optimal results.

Step 2: Select your audience. One of Forthought’s biggest strengths is we have over 25 years of experience in helping to analyze data and helping to create a campaign that will give you a highly targeted audience. Using Facebook for advertising without having an in depth knowledge of how to reach your audience is kind of like having a bow and arrow but not knowing how to shoot it. You have the weapon you need but you don’t know how to use it.
Age, location, demographics, even specific behaviors and interests are all factors that go into us helping you to select your ideal target audience.

Step 3: Decide where to place the ad. Depending on what your intended outcome is we will decide where the best place is to place your ad. We may choose just Facebook, or decide to also place your ads on Instagram as well. Also choosing between “where” the ad shows up on the Facebook feed, including how it shows up on mobile devices is all very important in the process as well.

Step 4: Analyzing data on a daily/weekly basis. Once your ad is live we will analyze all of the data to ensure we are achieving optimal results. This data helps us to determine the effectiveness of the campaign as well as helping us to determine what minor tweaks we may be able to make to your ad to increase its effectiveness.

We are so confident in our ability to produce results that we guarantee it. It’s our commitment to excellence. Forthought is the best solution for your business when it comes to Facebook marketing and ads.