December 21, 2015
May 29, 2017



The ALL NEW Tuppen’s Marine & Tackle Is . . . . . . . . an exciting new project that features our first and most tenured client since our company inception in 1997. Tuppens Marine and Tackle in Lake Worth, Florida has been through a number of re-designs over the last 17 years (yes, clients do stay with us that long) and this one is one of the most exciting new versions. It is a new e-commerce shopping engine that will allow them to compete with the largest and  most progressive players in the online marine products arena. This new engine  has features you would find in an Amazon.Com type of shopping environment. It also will give them more “back end” ability than ever before.

This e-commerce engine features things like sales tracking, upselling tools, reporting and more. They will be able to see which products have been viewed the most or had the most interest from their visitors. They will be able to view which products have been sold the most so they can better plan marketing campaigns to boost sales. This is the ULTIMATE e-commerce module.

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