julia ramyalg
Julia Ramyalg
January 6, 2016
Daniel Romano
Daniel Romano
January 6, 2016

Victor Klein

victor klein

Victor specializes in web based applications and dynamic websites.

He uses PHP for server-side scripting and mySQL as the database back-end.

He has also developed his own web applications frameworks which are easy to use and stable.

His set of skills includes (but is not limited to) –

1) PHP3 & PHP4 web development on both UNIX and NT based servers

2) SQL and an advanced knowledge of relational database concepts (he works with the following database servers: mySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, MS SQL)

3) Experience with design and developing client-server database applications (using Borland Delphi for client side)

4) Significant experience with object oriented technologies (Object Pascal and Borland Delphi)

5) HTML coding and page layout, CSS, Javascript